Dog Showing and Exhibiting  
We are actively engaged in showing dogs and have sent out dogs to win their International, French and Spanish Championships . If we are attending dog shows during the course of your stay you are more than welcome to accompany us. We can guide you through exhibiting dogs here in France and in other countries of Europe. Dog shows are usually held on Sundays.
Ongoing Help and Advice
After you have completed your course with us you do not need to feel that you are out on your own. We are always available to offer help and advice. A phone call away.
There are many expats living here in Eymet. We have both English, French and Dutch clients. You will be actively encouraged to interact with our clients, andm if you wish, to learn some French along the way.
Working in France
If it is your intention to work in France then there are obligatory registration processes which you must complete before you can start work. Dog Groomers (toiletteurs) are classed as Artisans and are obliged to register with the Chambre de Metiers. For this you must be able to show a qualification. A certificate and reference from us will give you this necessary qualification, and we shall do all that we can to guide you through the registration process.
Int, Fr & Sp Champion Canouan Viking Flagship JW at Crufts 2010
To run a successful grooming parlour in France it will help you to have a good working knowledge of the language, and especially the "dog terms" You will have every opportunity to learn these, in fact we shall actively encourage you to do so.  
Ch Robil Ravel
Please contact us to check the availability of courses. Courses are run from March to the end of October.
Booking and Payment
Places are limited so early booking is advised. We ask for a booking fee of 35% of the total cost of your course (non refundable) paid by bank transfer. .
The balance must be paid four weeks before the start of your course.
We highly recommend that you book your accommodation at the same time as you book your course.
We accept payment in Euros by bank transfer or by credit card through Paypal
Insurance and Health Matters
Please ensure that you have the necessary travel, accident and health insurance. If coming from France please do not forget to bring your Carte Vitale with you. If coming from other European Countries make sure that you have your European Health Card. For UK students this is available from Students from countries outside of Europe are required to have the relevant insurances.
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